Metal detector combo checkweigher

Metal detector combo checkweigher

Metal detector combination weighing machine is a kind of equipment which can detect the weight of product and metal contamination simultaneously in the production line.


Metal detector combo checkweigher

The combined system provides superior weighing accuracy and simultaneous multi-frequency detection that helps find the smallest contaminants. The solution is compact, easy to maintain and operate, and ensures compliance with HACCP standards

Metal detectors can be combined with a flexible weighing solution, operated using icon-driven menus via a single touch screen control, and integrated machine communication for secure product delivery to minimize space footprint and enable integrated operation, thus providing the highest level of food safety

Product Description



Note: metal detector tunnel size made by order, according to the max size of product.

check weigher weighing range from 3g to 50kg.

The combination into one system.

eg: MD 400*150 and CW-300 machine.


(conveyor belt width: 350mm, passing height: 120mm, the passing tunnel/window size can be made by order.)

weighing range 3 kg, accuracy: 1g.

sensitivity: Fe: 1.0mm, SUS: 2.0mm (in the center of probe without produdct effect.)

1. Phase Adjustment for the reduction of Product Effect

2. High-speed DSP and algorithm for the accuracy and stability

3. Suitable for iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead and other metal

4. LCD panel with Chinese and English Language supported

5. Auto-learning function; capable of detecting frozen food (e.g. Dumpling or frozen fish), meat, rice, pickled foods etc.

6. Good adjustability from Product Parameter Memorizing Function for different products

7. Easy cleanup because of open frame design

8. Special belt design for the prevention of dislocation

9. Good cost-performance ratio

10. Stainless steel made, good at water-resisting


Catalog No.

Combo 300

Weighing Range


Line Speed(m/min)


Max Speed

        150 packages/min



     Weighing Device

German Load Cell

Conveyor Width

( working width )



100mm height: 

Fe: 0.8mm/Non-Fe:1.5mm/SUS:2.0mm


     Pusher Type or Flipper Type (optional)


1P 220 V 50 HZ



Air Outlet Port




Height from the ground to the conveyor

750±50mm(Can be customized)


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