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Checkweigher and weighing accuracy

A checkweigher is widely known as an automatic machine that checks the weight item as they pass though a production line. you may have one at you facility but if yours is not appropriate for your production line, it may undermine production efficiency. there are various technical parameters for a checkweigher including weighing range, conveying capactiy, measurement accuracy and scale interval, among which this paper explains measurement accuracy along with basic functions of a checkweigher.

The checkweigh with good precision in 10-inch color touch panel, USB output, IP 65 waterproof design. unique modular design.

  1. feedback control

  2. weighing model

  3. target weight tracking

  4. reject confirmation

  5. digital output

  6. digital input additional features.

  7. connect with printer and labelling machine.

  8. Serial connection.


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