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Used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower limit judgment or weight classification selection on various automated assembly lines and logistics transportation systems. It can also be used for detection of multiple and missing parts after product packaging.

Widely used in online inspection of pharmaceutical, food, toy, hardware, chemical and other industries.

In addition, it can directly replace manual weighing to improve the production efficiency and the consistency and reliability of weighing.


  1. Space and cost saving is obtained with Torzn' s integrated inspection solution, the combination metal detector and checkweigher.

  2. Synchronous start-stop.

  3. Rejector: one for metal foreign body, the other for over/less weight.

  4. Accuracy: 0.2g and speed up to 200pcs/min.

  5. Features: include a board range of standard features, including touch screen, USB, Ethernet, programmable I/O, full statstics, and auto-learn wizard.

The checkweigh with good precision in 10-inch color touch panel, USB output, IP 65 waterproof design. unique modular design.

  1. feedback control

  2. weighing model

  3. target weight tracking

  4. reject confirmation

  5. digital output

  6. digital input additional features.

  7. connect with printer and labelling machine.

  8. Serial connection.

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