Manufactures metal detector checkweigher relevant equipment

Production line integration, communication and control

Industrial metal detector and weight checker relevant technical parameters and interpretation.


A, Physical contaminant detection.

B, Package fill control & inspection.

D, Track & Trace and Serialisation.

E, Statistical process and Quality control.

F, Software and output. 1, data communcaion. 2, data collection. 3, quanlity control.


A, Package materials and shapes.

B, Dimension on the conveyor belt, L*W*Hmm.

C, Product weight.

D, Sensitivity/accuracy/speed/conveyor belt working height/voltage etc.

Principle summary:

A, All metal detector-balance coil(Electric induction)

B, Metal detector for aluminum film-magnetic induction.

C, Needle detector for textile and garment -magnetic induction.

D, Checkweigher-load cell support the conveyor table to calculate the weight of product in a short time.

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